We use organic and farm-to-table products to make you discover authentic local flavours


Our informed daily choices have an impact on our search for quality, food security, together with environmental protection and our guests' well-being.

Our guests' satisfaction is our top priority!_x000D_

Organic All Inclusive Package. Drinks and coffee included 24 hours a day

Try our organic food from breakfast to dinner

Let's start your day with a generous breakfast in our large seafront restaurantwhere you will taste a sweet and savoury buffet which includes organic and farm-to-table products such as fruits, vegetables, croissants, homemade bread and cakes, different kinds of jams and honey, natural fruit juices, soy milk and coffee, eggs and locally produced cold cuts and cheese as well.

Both at lunch and dinner you will enjoy authentic food from the Romagna area ranging from cappelletti al rag├╣ and homemade rolled tagliatelle made by our "sfogline", to meat sourced from our free-range chickens. You will also find piadina and crescioni stuffed with wild herbs from our fields. All our ingredients are organic and locally produced. Come and have a taste of Romagna, the food enthusiasts' land!

Organic food

Hotel Maxy offers you authentic and tasty dishes exclusively made with organic and farm-to-table ingredients which are produced by local farmers to make sure we never run out of fresh, locally-sourced and seasonal produce. The quality of the food we serve to our guests is our top priority, that's why we offer an organic cuisine. It aims to cater to eco-tourists who look for healthy, but tasty food. Come and experience ourOrganic All Inclusive Package. Drinks and coffee included 24 hours a day